Structural Drying


The structural integrity of a building is key to its safety, longevity, and value. Don’t let water wash that away; leverage our structural drying services.

Structural drying ensures water doesn’t wash away your building’s integrity

Flooding in a building is always a problem, but its seriousness escalates when it soaks into the structure itself. Without proper structural drying using today’s technology to test for full effectiveness, a building can experience problems including:

  • Health problems. Bacteria and mold growth in the building materials like drywall and insulation can detrimentally affect its inhabitants’ health.
  • Reduced safety. If the building is left wet, the solidity of its support can be compromised. If dried too quickly or otherwise improperly, cracking and shrinking can occur.
  • Decreased value. Moisture in a structure decreases its longevity, thereby decreasing the building’s overall worth.

Fortunately, professional structural drying services can help you avoid these complications.

When Precision Restoration executes your structural drying process, our responsibilities include

  • Full inspection of your property
  • Removal of furnishing and fixtures as needed
  • Water extraction
  • Evaporation
  • Dehumidification
  • Temperature maintenance to prevent mold growth
  • Sanitization