Odor Removal


Homeowners have enough to worry about in regards to their home maintenance without have to concern themselves with the intangible—and often seemingly unsolvable—issue of a bad odor in their homes. We can banish lingering, unpleasant odors with our fresh and effective services.

Let the professionals give you a fresh take on odor removal

Odor issues in the home are frustrating. They seem like something that should be easily solvable, but their intangible and often mysterious nature leaves many homeowners stumped. That’s where the professionals can come in.

Here are a few reasons why you might need an expert to handle odor removal:

  • Experts have been specifically trained in locating the source of the smell, meaning they can combat it directly.
  • They have advanced tools that can penetrate materials household cleaners simply can’t.
  • They know how to draw out the majority of odors, then seal over any lingering particles to make sure they are never smelled again.

When Precision Restoration handles odor removal, our responsibilities include:

  • Full inspection of your property
  • Location and destruction of the source of odors
  • Professional application of proper treatment products
  • Lasting seal over affected areas to prevent future odors
  • Cleaning and sanitization